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Free Shipping on orders over $50 | Some items under $50 ships free

Marcal 100% Recycled, Giant Roll Paper Towels - 6 Rolls/Pack

2 Ply - 140 Sheets/Roll - White - Perforated, Absorbent - 6 / Pack
  • 100% recycled and Green Seal certified to be eco-friendly
  • "2-ply, strong, absorbent, virtually lint-free and perforated"
  • Enjoy flexibility and less waste with U-Size-It sheets
  • Whitened without chemicals containing chlorine bleach; no added dyes or fragrances; hypoallergenic

Recycled towels feature U-Size-It sheets for flexibility and less waste. Each perforated roll is individually wrapped for convenient, sanitary storage.

Perforated design lets you create smaller or larger sheets.

Green Seal certified towels are whitened without chemicals containing chlorine bleach and have no added dyes or fragrances.

Strong towels are virtually lint-free and absorbent so they are great for cleanup jobs.

Each roll includes 140 two-ply sheets. Towels are made with a high percentage of recycled material.


Product Info

  • Sheets Per Roll
    • 140
  • Number of Plys
    • 2
  • Features
    • Perforated
    • Absorbent